SP Godly Play Starter Pack
SP Godly Play Starter Pack
St. Michael's Workshop

SP Godly Play Starter Pack

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Starter Pack - Select from the options below.

We have simplified the choices:

SP-1 KIT: Includes: Set of 7 Creation Plaques KIT, Set of 20 People of God Figures, Parable of the Good Shepherd KIT & Good Shepherd Felt

SP-2 READY MADE: Includes: Set of 7 Creation Plaques, Set of 20 People of God Figures, Parable of the Good Shepherd ALL READY MADE & Good Shepherd Felt


SP-DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: The Files in the download consist of the following Folders:

Advent plaques USA (Contains: Pictures of Advent)

Best ways (Contains Instructions and templates for making the ten best ways to live)

Circle of the Eucharist (Contains Pictures to make your own plaques)

Creation (Contains pictures to make your own creation plaques)

Faces of Easter (Contains pictures to print and make the Faces of Easter plaques)

Info (Contains instructions to make desert bags, Painting tips, People of God templates, Prophet Scrolls, Small good shepherd & brochure etc.

Jerusalem (Detailed instructions on the components and set up of Jerusalem the story of holy week)

Jesus and the 12 (Apostle Shield templates, Shield pictures to print, key to the last supper & Leon last supper.

New & Old Style Parables (Printable kit instructions to make: Good Shepherd, Good Samaritan, Great pearl, Leven, Mustard seed & Sower)

Paul (Contains the pictures for Paul’s discoveries for plaques, letters and scrolls)