Presentations Volume 8

JJS - (Jesus & Jerusalem) The Story of Holy Week

JJS - (Jesus & Jerusalem) The Story of Holy Week

Jesus & Jerusalem - The Story of Holy Week - Wooden Tray, Pieces of Wall around Jerusalem. Model of the Temple, Model of the Tomb & Golgotha with its 3 Crosses, Model of Herod’s Palace, Last Supper House,High Priest’s House, Antonia Fortress, Garden of Gethsemane / Mount of Olives, Felt Underlay . Detailed Base Map in 3 Parts of Jerusalem. Guide & Pictures to aid assembly.

The dimensions of the Tray are: Length 605mm, Width 330mm, Depth 158mm

This takes us the longest to make because of all the intricate parts. We may ship this separately from any other items ordered to avoid delay.

Delivery: Usually within 10 weeks.